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The pieces of art we have for sale were found through various means such as auctions, estate sales, etc. We do not guarantee authenticity. We are not art experts. The provided description of each piece is given to the best of our knowledge. All sales on art are final.

Art Signatures

If a piece of art has a signature we will write the perceived signature in the description. If there is an illegible signature, we describe it as unknown.


Many of our rugs have abrash coloring. Abrash is when the color of the rug is not the same hue throughout the rug. When weavers create natural dyes, they tend to mix the dyes in small batches. Since the rugs take many months to create, weavers will use different batches of the same color. Small variations such as different soil conditions from where the plant/mineral material have been farmed can alter the hue of the created pigment. This is not a flaw as these irregularities are pleasing to rug connoisseurs.


Ambitious home sells mostly pre-owned, handwoven rugs. Due to the vintage age and their previous use, our rugs may have worn areas, small holes, repairs, stains, or small tears. Since our rugs are sold AS-IS we extensively inspect each rug to find these abnormalities before being listed. If we feel that the rug has any major issues that would take away from its prestige then we do not list them. We try and shine a light on any of abnormalities through photographs to avoid any unexpected surprises. Please note that small imperfections are what makes these rugs one-of-a-kind and unique.

Designs and Shape

Designs on the rugs have been passed on from master to apprentice for hundreds of years. Each novice carries on the designs of their mentors while possibly adding a small touch of variation. The most popular design styles can broadly be classified into three categories: Geometric, Floral, and Tribal. Designs, patterns, and coloring may appear different from one side to the other. Even the shape may not be an exact rectangle/square.

Opening the package

We package our rugs in 4mm thick construction film. This technique provides ample protection during the shipping process. When opening the package, it is recommended that you make the initial incision at either end of the rug with scissors. Then continue to cut down the side of the package in a cautious manner to avoid cutting any part of the rug.

Measuring the rug

Our rugs are approximately measured by feet and inches and does not include the fringes. Since rugs tend to be asymmetric in shape there can be variations in length when comparing one side to the other. If interested in an additional measurement of a specific rug, please reach out to us via our contact us page.

Maintenance + Care

Rugs love to collect dust and dirt. The easiest way to maintain your rug is by vacuuming regularly. If the rug placed in a high traffic area, such as a hallway, vacuum the rug more frequently. When vacuuming, do your best to avoid the fringes or any loose strands.

If your rug has a slight old smell to it, try placing in direct sunlight for a day or two, preferably outside. Opening windows also can also help tremendously.

If your rug has a stain or gets dirty, use a natural rug shampoo or dish soap or simply blot with water. Dr. Bronner’s is a great option for a natural soap, but please note that you only need a small amount. You should try to clean any stains as soon as possible.

It is a good idea to use a rug pad with all rugs that are placed on bare floor, not only to protect the rug, but also the floor itself.

If you place a rug in a bathroom, we recommend not using it as a bathmat as vintage rugs do not do well when they are consistently wet.

Can you provide more details or photos on a rug?

Yes, please feel free to contact us here with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If I live in Chicago, can I come see the rugs in person?

As of right now, no, we are strictly an e-commerce only business. However, we are currently in search for the right commercial space, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

Do I have to pay sales tax for my rug?

If the rug is being shipped to a location in Illinois, there is an additional tax currently at a rate of 10.25%. If you are purchasing outside of Illinois, there is no additional sales tax. If you are purchasing internationally, there may be an additional tax, which the customer is responsible for.

If a rug is sold out will we be restocked?

Due to our rugs being unique and one of a kind, restocking is not an option. However, we introduce new rugs on a weekly basis. We recommend signing up for the newsletter so that you have the best odds of buying the next rug you love while it is still available.

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